remcat: 研究資料集

(TANAKA Sigeto)

ESR 29(1)

Intra-Household Work Timing: The Effect on Joint Activities and the
Demand for Child Care
Chris van Klaveren, Henriette Maassen van den Brink, and Bernard van
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 1-18

Childlessness and Psychological Well-Being in Context: A Multilevel Study
on 24 European Countries
Tim Huijts, Gerbert Kraaykamp, and S. V. Subramanian
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 32-47

The Parenthood Effect on Gender Inequality: Explaining the Change in Paid
and Domestic Work When British Couples Become Parents
Pia S. Schober
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 74-85

Needs, Comparisons, and Adaptation: The Importance of Relative Income for
Life Satisfaction
Tobias Wolbring, Marc Keuschnigg, and Eva Negele
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 86-104

Part-Time Work and Work Norms in the Netherlands
Rudi Wielers and Dennis Raven
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 105-113

Where You Come From or Where You Live? Examining the Cultural and
Institutional Explanation of Generalized Trust Using Migration as a
Natural Experiment
Peter Thisted Dinesen
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 114-128