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(TANAKA Sigeto)

Eur Sociol Rev 29(4)

European Sociological Review Vol. 29, No. 4
August 2013

Socio-economic and Ethnic Inequalities in Social Capital from the Family among Labour Market Entrants
Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe, Yaojun Li, and Bart Van de Putte
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 683-694

The Influence of Educational Field, Occupation, and Occupational Sex Segregation on Fertility in the Netherlands
Katia Begall and Melinda C. Mills
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 720-742

The Gap Between Mothers' Work-Family Orientations and Employment Trajectories in 18 OECD Countries
Alexander L. Janus
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 752-766

Housework Task Hierarchies in 32 Countries
Tsui-o Tai and Judith Treas
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 780-791

Positive or Negative Policy Feedbacks? Explaining Popular Attitudes Towards Pragmatic Pension Policy Reforms
Juan J. Fern・ndez and Antonio M. Jaime-Castillo
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 803-815

Family Structure, Female Employment, and National Income Inequality: A Cross-National Study of 16 Western Countries
Christopher Kollmeyer
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 816-827

The Generational Contract in the Family: An Analysis of Transfer Regimes in Europe
Marco Albertini and Martin Kohli
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 828-840