remcat: 研究資料集

(TANAKA Sigeto)

Six methodological articles just published:

o *The Origins, Development, and Application of Qualitative Comparative Analysis: the first 25 years. Marx, Rihoux & Ragin, /European Political Science Review/, 2013)

o "*Combining QCA and Process Tracing in Set-Theoretic
Multi-Method Research*" by Carsten Schneider and Ingo Rohlfing
in /Sociological Methods & Research

o "*Clearly Crisp, and Not Fuzzy: A Reassessment of the (Putative) Pitfalls of Multi-value QCA*" by Alrik Thiem and the response by
Maarten Vink and Olaf van Vliet in /Field Methods 25(2)

o "*Boolean Minimization in Social Science Research: A Review of
Current Software for Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)*" by
Alrik Thiem and Adrian Dus,a in /Social Science Computer Review

o "*Qualitative Comparative Analysis: How Inductive Use and
Measurement Error Lead to Problematic Inference*." By Simon Hug
in /Political Analysis/ 21 (2):252-65.