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(TANAKA Sigeto)

ESR 29(3)

European Sociological Review
Vol. 29, No. 3
June 2013

Parental Involvement and Work Schedules: Time with Children in the United States, Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom
Jennifer L. Hook and Christina M. Wolfe
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 411-425

Career Trajectories for Women After Childbirth: Job Quality and Work-Family Balance
Ilse Laurijssen and Ignace Glorieux
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 426-436

Common Genes or Exogenous Shock? Disentangling the Causal Effect of Paternal Unemployment on Children's Schooling Efforts
Signe Hald Andersen
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 477-488

Stratification in Higher Education and Its Relationship with Social Inequality: A Comparative Study of 11 European Countries
Moris Triventi
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 489-502

Occupational Attainment Among Children of Immigrants in Norway: Bottlenecks into Employment Equal Access to Advantaged Positions?
Are Skeie Hermansen
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 517-534

Fertility From a Couple Perspective: A Test of Competing Decision Rules on Proceptive Behaviour
Gerrit Bauer and Thorsten Kneip
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 535-548

Does Cohabitation Lead to Weaker Intergenerational Bonds Than Marriage? A Comparison Between Italy and the United Kingdom
Tiziana Nazio and Chiara Saraceno
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 549-564

Institutional Regulations and the Kinship Solidarity of Women: Results from 13 Areas in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America
Bernhard Nauck and Oliver Arrnz Becker
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 580-592

The Composition of Family Background: The Influence of the Economic and Cultural Resources of both Parents on the Offspring's Educational Attainment in the Netherlands between 1939 and 1991
Maarten L. Buis
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 593-602

Labour Market Exit and Social Stratification in Western Europe: The Effects of Social Class and Gender on the Timing of Retirement
Jonas Radl
Eur Sociol Rev 2013 29: 654-668