remcat: 研究資料集

(TANAKA Sigeto)

Sessions to which I consider submitting my abstract

[2015-07-28 Links renewed]

New Policies for Gender Equality? The Role of State and Employer-Provided Work-Family Policies in Promoting a More Equal Division of Work and Care

RC06 s13
Troubling "Families"? Global Futures for Family Discourses and Practices

Looking at Past and Present Inequalities for a Less Unequal Future

RC07 s7
Scenarios and Future Societies

RC12 s11
The Futures We Want in Numbers: Searching Legal Indicators for a Better World

RC25 s0
Academic Discourse

RC33 s6
The New Data "Revolution" in Sociology: Methodological and Epistemological Issues

RC41 s0
Addressing Population Change through Sound Policy to Build a Better Future

RC41 s2
Demographic Issues in East Asia