remcat: 研究資料集

(TANAKA Sigeto)

Sessions just interesting for me

[2015-07-28 Links renewed]

TG04 s11
The Life Course and Risk

RC02 s1
Author Meets Critic: Crisis, by Sylvia Walby

Justice and Inequality in Education

RC06 s3
Convergence or Divergence of Asian Family Values and Practices: Comparative Studies Based on Cross-National Datasets in Asia

RC06 s4
Family Change in Western and Non-Western Global Contexts: New Gender Models and Praxis

RC14 s0
A Return to the People? Popular Democracies and/or Populism in the 2.0 Public Sphere

RC16 s1
Filling the Gap(s): The Potential of Diversity for the Future of Sociological Theory

RC19 s1
Changing Care Diamonds in Europe and Asia: Is Europe Becoming Asia?

RC33 s0
Datalinkage: Beyond Asking for Consent